Factory Inspectorate & Import Control

Factory Inspectorate and Import Control

This Department is charged with the following functions 

  • Supervision of inspection of pharmaceutical Import and Wholesale outlets to ensure that they are fit to carry out the business of distributing medicines and other related products. 
  • To assist the Registrar in the registration of all pharmaceutical Import and Wholesale outlets both public and Private in Sierra Leone. 
  • To supervise the inspection of all medicines and related products imported into and exported out of Sierra Leone in accordance with the standard operating procedures laid down by the Board. 
  • To surveillance the ports of entry for substandard/fake products that are illegally imported. 
  • Inspection of manufacturing industries to ensure adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices Attendance at Committee meetings
  • To address issues pertaining to the Factory Inspectorate and Import Control. 
  • To develop, document and periodically review guidelines and standard operating procedures for all departmental activities. 
  • To develop work plans for the department on a quarterly and annual basis with budget estimate.
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