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Compliance with Standards

Drugs and other products are regularly tested

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Adverse Drug Reactions

Always report adverse drug reactions and counterfeit drugs

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You need to register your products so that the Pharmacy Board will ensure that medicines and other related products that are manufactured imported exported distributed and/or utilized in Sierra Leone are of good quality fit for human consumption and are of the optimum safety.

These products must be registered:

  • Medicinal products and Medical devices
  • Chemical substances and Cosmetics
  • Herbal/complementary products
  • Food/dietary supplements Ebikes Store
  • Nutritional agents including energy drinks beverages and packed and bottled water.

Three months if all requirements of a compliant application are met.

You begin with an application letter addressed to the Registrar of the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone Central Medical Stores New England Ville. You purchase relevant registration/application forms from the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone’s office at New England and then pick up the applicable guidelines.

Head Quarters-Central Medical Stores New England Ville Freetown Sierra Leone. Regional Offices- Bo Kenema Makeni and Kono.

Product registration takes a maximum of three months after the date of submission of a complete application.

No test marketing of products is not permitted.

You can get the list from the Pharmacy Board Office.

The flowchart is shown below.


Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1.  What is an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR)/ Side effects?

A response to a medicinal product that is noxious and unintended and which occurs at doses normally used in man for the prophylaxis diagnosis or therapy of disease or the restoration correction or modification of physiological function.


2.  What is a serious ADR?

A serious ADR is:

·       Fatal

·       Life-threatening

·       Causes hospitalization or prolongs hospitalization

·       Causes a congenital abnormality

·       Causes disability or incapacity

3.  Which ADRs should be reported by health professionals or consumers?

The Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone encourages reporting of all suspected ADRs including product quality defects treatment failure medication errors drug resistance drug abuse drug-drug or drug-food interaction effects and any other medicine-related problems

4.  Who should submit suspected ADR reports?

The patients and the general public medical doctors and pharmacists. Nurses pharmacy technicians laboratory scientists community health officers and other healthcare professionals are all requested to report suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs).


5.  Why should ADRs be reported?

·       Tests in the laboratory and animals are insufficiently predictive of human safety;

·       In clinical trials patients are selected and limited in number the conditions of use differ from those in clinical practice and the duration of trials is limited;

·       Information about rare but serious adverse drug reactions (ADRs) chronic toxicity use in special groups or drug interactions is often incomplete or unavailable.

6.  How can healthcare professionals identify ADRs?

Patients may tell healthcare professionals (HCPs) about symptoms they have experienced since taking a medicine. However some ADRs may not be apparent to the patient. HCPs need to be alert to the possibility of suspected ADRs and link signs or symptoms to current or previous drug therapy. In addition HCPs should be alert for abnormal clinical measurements and laboratory results or when new drug therapy is initiated to treat the symptoms of an ADR.

7.  Do I need to be sure the drug caused the reaction?

No the reporter need only suspect that the medicinal product may have caused the adverse reaction experienced by the patient. If in doubt please report.

8.   From where can I get the reporting form?

To report a side effect or other drug-related problems complete an ADR reporting form available at all tertiary secondary and primary healthcare facilities pharmacies and drug stores nationwide. Reporting forms can also be obtained from the central and regional offices of the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone in Freetown Kenema Bo Makeni and Kono.

You can also download the adverse drug reaction form from our website www.pharmacyboard.gov.sl or report online by clicking the Report an adverse drug reaction on the PBSL website and submit your report (Click or go to this link for online reporting-


In addition the National Pharmacovigilance Centre can be contacted on mobile: at 099117117 or

by e-mail: at drugsafety@pharmacyboard.gov.sl. Or info@pharmacyboard.gov.sl

9.  Where can further information about the safety of medicines be found? 

Should you require further information you are kindly asked to contact the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone the contact details of which are supplied below. 


Postal address                                                                 

The Registrar                                                                                          

   Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone                                                                       

Central Medical Stores New England Ville Freetown PMB 322                                              

Tel :(0023222) 025-282826 Email: registrar@pharmacyboard gov.sl or info@pharmacyboard.gov.sl                        Website:pharmacyboard.gov.sl                                                                       

Kono Regional Office

57 Masinqbi road

Koidu city

Email: konooffice@pharmacyboard.gov.sl

Tel: 025-388748

Lungi Office

Freetown International Airport                                                              


Email: pbsllungi@gmail.com                                                                

Tel: 077-527220                                                                                               

Bo Regional Office

Bo-Kenema Highway

Nyagolihun junction

Email: booffice@pharmacyboard.gov.sl

Tel: +232-76466786

Kenema Regional office

9 Humonya Avenue

Tel: 025582886

Email: registrar@pharmacyboard.gov.sl

Makeni Regional Office

87 Aluzin highway


Tel: +2327885547