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  • Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone meets with Christian Health Association Sierra Leone and Liberia

    The Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has met with CHASL and CHAL to discuss CHASL's intention of opening Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Units across it's 43 facilities.  The meeting explored the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone regulatory procedures  for CHASL to achieve it's intention and also the Pharmacy Board considerations in CHASL's ongoing feasibility study using lessons learnt from CHAL. The meeting was attended by the Registrar Deputy Registrar and Senior Staff of Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone  and CHASL with both parties reaching an agreement on the following; 

    CHASL's compliance with PBSL regulatory processes 

    CHASL to access any pertinent information through PBSL website and other information platforms to facilitate the regulatory process. 

    Pharmacy Board remains committed to providing  efficient regulation of the practice of Pharmacy and the Safety Efficacy and Quality of regulated products in line with the Pharmacy and Drugs Act 2001.