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  • Pharmacy Board Convenes Editorial Committee Meeting 2022

    The Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has today 19th October 2022 convened it's first Editorial Committee Meeting for 2022 to approve the external publication of key documents according to it's mandate to provide adequate information to it's clients in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry and to the general public. Key documents reviewed:

    - Pharmacy Board Newsletter for 2022

    - Pharmacy Board Annual Report 2022 

    Members of the Editorial Committee of the Board

    Name  Designation 
    Dr Eugene Conteh  Chairman 
    Pharm Tima Sannah Brewah  Co-Chair: Officer-In-Charge Information and Communication Department and Secretary to the Committee 
    Dr Onome Abiri  Member: HoD Pharmacovigilance and Clinical Trials Department  
    Dr Joy Johnson  Member: HoD  Enforcement and Narcotics Control Department 
    Dr Michael Lahai  Member : HoD Quality Assurance Department 
    Dr Sheku Mansaray  Member: HoD Drug Evaluation and Registration Department  
    Mr Frederick Kanneh  Member : Media Officer Information and Communication Department 
    Mr Mahmoud I. Kamara  Member: Outreach Coordinator Information and Communication Department