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    Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has in 2022 completed Outreach exercise for four institutions: Three Secondary Schools and One Religious Institution.

    Names of Institutions engaged: Albert Academy Secondary School Government Model Secondary School AnnieWalsh Memorial Secondary School Central Mosque  

    Target Audience: SSS Pupils School Administration and Worshippers and the Clergy. 

    Consent: Consent was through School Administration in instances when SSS Pupils were engaged in Focus Group Discussions 

    Topics Covered: Mandate of the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone Access to Medicines Rational Medicines Use Irrational Medicines Use   Drug Misuse Drug Abuse Role of the Pharmacy Professional Cadre 


    Reinforce an understanding of the Boardโ€™s mandate and the mandate of Pharmacy Professionals

    Deepen understanding of medicines the medicines use process drug peddling counterfeit and substandard medicines

    -      Initiate discussions around pharmaceutical waste management to mitigate against climate change. 

    Methodology: Face-to-Face Key Informant Interviews Focus Group Discussions Assembly and Prayer Times Gathering 

    Emerging Themes from the Publics Perspective on the Legal Mandate of the Pharmacy Board and the Profession of Pharmacy 

    1. Awareness of the roles and functions of the Pharmacy Board and the Pharmacy Profession and the Pharmacy Professional as a trusted and respected Health care provider for school going children and their families                                                       2. Interest in Pharmacy Board and Pharmacy as a career destination  and to serve as active participants in enforcement of  legislation on access to medicines and monitoring of use of medicines  including prosecution for those who sell or misuse or abuse drugs or medicines                                        3. Unclarity of scope of the Pharmacy Board and what Pharmaceutical work entails  and the roles and functions of the Pharmacy Professionals  and its relative position  and difference to other health professionals ( CHOs Physician Assistants Doctors Nurses Midwives SECHNs Physician Assistants Nursing Aides etc)                                                                                               4. Exposure(heard about and/or bought and/or used heard about and/or bought  and/or  used                                              5. Acceptance of the Pharmacy Board amongst the interviewed/engaged population subsets.                                6. Eagerness to explore Pharmacy and Pharmacy Professionals knowledge for  clinical care and growth of the Pharmaceutical Sector to access information on medicines and on the legal mandate of the Board and Pharmacy Professionals and to better understand the Pharmacy and Drugs Act 2001                              7. Recognition of the legitimacy of Pharmacy Professionals( Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians)  and the Pharmacy Board  of Sierra Leone                                                     8.Exasperation with drug peddlers and drug peddling and the perpetuation of production and use of hard drugs                            9. Willingness to escalate  the information in their households and amongsts worshippers                                                                        10.  Understanding of medicines misuse and/or abuse based on lived experiences  identification of cough medicines and kush as commonly misused medicines                                                    11. Understanding of the legal implications of drug peddling i.e police custody    jail term etc   adequate understanding of safe medicines use of drug counterfeiting and drug smuggling     12. Emphasis on accessing medicines from a trained and qualified Pharmacy Professional or a registered/licensed Pharmaceutical Premises                                                             13.Colloquail ( Local dialect)  understanding of side effect    adverse drug reactions etc  of medicines ( bad effect)       

    12. Lack of information and knowledge on pharmaceutical waste management

    List of Pharmaceutical products School Pupils from three secondary schools are exposed (heard about and/or bought  and/or used)  including purchases  from drug peddlers 
    No.  Name 
    1 Paracetamol Tablets 
    2 ORS 
    3 Calcium Tablets 
    4 Chymoral 
    5 Ibuprofen 
    6 Relief 
    7 Atycol
    8 Amoxicillin 
    9 Gelosil 
    10 Atycol
    11 Relief 
    12 Tramadol 
    13 Cold cap
    14 Calcium 
    15 Ampiclox 
    16 Stopadol 
    17 Declorforte 
    18 Aspirin 
    19 Relief 
    20 Atycol 
    21 Tramadol 
    22 Kush 
    23 Heroine 
    24 Amoxicillin 
    25 Tetracycline 
    26 Worms medicines 
    27 Penicillin 
    28 Chloroquine 
    29 Artemether Lumefantrine
    30 Malfan 
    31 Atycol 
    32 Cocaine 
    33 Tramadol 
    34 Glucose 
    35 Emzor Paracetamol 
    36 Diacorte 
    37 Nugel-O 
    38 Ampicillin 
    39 Extra-grip 
    40 Paracetamol 
    41 Co-codamol 
    42 Lomotil 
    43 Erythromycin 
    44 Tetracycline 

    *School pupils also mentioned their exposure to the COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign by describing generally the COVID-19 vaccine or naming specific vaccines such as Pfizer vaccine and J &J vaccine*


    For the child and adolescence population review of the Pharmacy and Drugs Act 2001 should incorporate the needs of school-going children in terms of the age limits for accessing certain medicines and medical devices.                   - The formulation and presentation of pharmaceutical products to ensure child-friendly products should also be reflected in  the Pharmacy and Drugs Act 2001 and in the listing of pharmaceutical products approved for use in Sierra Leone                                                                                      - The range of Products targeting minor ailments and disease conditions that is perceived within the purview of the Pharmacy professional should be expanded                       - The role of the Pharmacists in diagnosis prescribing and administering and caring for other categories of child and adolescence risk factors disease conditions including preventive therapy approaches would need to be reflected in the Pharmacy and Drugs Act 2001                                             - It is imperative that the standards for maintaining school-going children from medicines misuse medicines abuse irrational medicines use are reviewed especially as it relates to accessing medicines from illegal channels including drug peddlers. 

    - Medicines use experience by school going children and adolescence is actively captured by the Pharmacist and Pharmacy Professional  and the legal authority to do so should be emphasised in the Pharmacy and Drugs Act 2001.                       


    The outreach activity focused on Western Area Urban including the Central Business District.                                                   

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