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  • 'End Drug Peddling Campaign-Nor Buy Medicine to Peppeh Docta' Update 28/08/2023. Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone convenes a meeting of all Pharmacy Professionals

    Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone today 29th/08/23 convened a meeting for all Pharmacy Professionals to discuss critical challenges within the Pharmaceutical Sector especially it's human resource.
    Main Agenda Item: Absenteeism of Pharmacy Professionals within their Premises
    In attendance were Ministry of Health Senior Management in these persons:
    Chief Pharmacist- Dr Moses Batema
    President of the Pharmaceutical Society- Dr Eugene Conteh
    Members of the Board of the Pharmacy Board
    Members of the Executive of the Pharmaceutical Society
    Registrar of the Pharmacy Board- Dr James Peter Komeh
    Permanent Secretary: Mr Prince Cole
    Deputy Minister of Health- Professor Charles Senessie
    Chief Medical Officer- Dr Sartie Kenneh
    Managing Director National Medicines Supply Agency- Dr Julius Sandy
    Dean Faculty of Pharmacy - Dr Bawoh
    The meeting took place at the Portuguese Town Hall started at 10:45 and ended at 1:30pm
    The Board would like to express it's thanks and appreciation to all Pharmacy Professionals for fruitful and progressive discussions on-site and online on the Pharmaceutical Society Whatsapp Group